Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twisted Fate!

Who would have thought that a middle aged (not quite they say thats 50 to 60 now) merchant banker from London would end up in Christchurch and study to be a chef. In between I have worked as a property investor and developer in Turkey - to no great sucess unfortunately but it was fun while it lasted. I then did a bit of travelling through Australia and Thailand and met my lovely darling Lisa (which has brought me to New Zealand). I helped my dad's boss in scaffolding logistics for several weeks waking at sparrow fart and working my arse off all day long through Sydney's summer. I arrived in Christchurch with no real plan. I was delaying my trip to New York as I wanted to study to be a chef there but as the exchange rate has messed me up and now I have a love in my life - Life Changes. Or should I say my favourite line "Life Intervened".

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